‘Frihet around ansvar’ – which have versatility happens duty

‘Frihet around ansvar’ – which have versatility happens duty

Norwegians and you may Ukrainians log in to really well and you will show many passions and viewpoints. Making it a familiar error to assume that Norwegian and Ukrainian providers countries are particularly comparable. However, Norwegian organizations are inspired by the a collection of regulations that are very different off other providers societies, which can result in frustration and you will distress.

I wish to share a few of the features on the publication Handling Norwegians in this post. The ebook ‘s the just one on the market which explains the fresh password regarding make and you will unwritten statutes from inside the Norwegian offices. Here is the book which explains in a definite and you may accessible way as to the reasons Norwegians consider and you may play the role of they are doing and you can just what they predict.

The casual concept and less focus on ladder into the Norwegian groups are among the visible qualities of your office culture. But the variations stretch so you’re able to so much more than simply you to definitely.


Trust might have been an intrinsic a portion of the Norwegian people, and search done by Western european Societal Survey implies that Norwegians are extremely believing members of the nation. Norwegians will trust men and women before reverse has been proven, that’s instead of most other societies. Advice is you to definitely Norwegians work exactly as difficult whether the employer can be found or not and won’t hesitate to get-off works till the manager.There’s shorter emphasis on just how many occasions try spent at works than simply acquiring the job over. Leggi tutto