Sensed – Understanding, means and inventive create

Sensed – Understanding, means and inventive create

Romania is actually a great patriarchal country where in fact the male is actually much Japanese local dating out-of demanded to acquire on their own. “You’re hard sex, never shout, try not to show off your emotions, get a better “man” work, become difficult, bring it!” was a dialogue in every nearest and dearest. Brand new strategy idea: difficulties these stereotypes and inspire Romanian people to-be on their due to relatable reports.


A major international rebranding turned to away become first window of opportunity for Remington having a different sound during the Romania. It absolutely was Remington’s basic correspondence venture in to the Romania, shortly after many years of quiet. Definitely, work came with numerous ambitions: so you can rejuvenate Remington’s images to the Romania, so you’re able to shine discussion throughout the brand and so you’re able to improve conversion process getting their character products.


Remington’s address was a fundamental audience of people, 18 to help you forty-5 years old. not, search ended up you to definitely boys users thought the company after the a brandname for ladies. Having such as an interesting it is possible to ahead, we paign and you can mainly address her or him. This, that have in mind area of the expectations: display screen the message out of rebranding, adapt it in the region, as opposed to neglecting products that have been in notice as the an effective consequence of the expertise designed for gents and ladies.

Remington strategy talked in the vulnerability and you will brain-allowed in to the Romania, an excellent patriarchal nation where men are recognized as the difficult gender and you will anybody as the weaker gender. Our venture confronted this impression and stereotypes if you’re you’re boosting sales that have Remington. Leggi tutto