King County prepares to relocate Sobering Center Emergency Services Patrol in 2019

Homeless people in Georgetown may benefit from medical and behavioral health services at the new site. King County and Community Psychiatric Clinic welcome community input, particularly on how to ensure the building and sobering center can be good neighbors in the community, transportation and other questions, issues or concerns. King County will work to mitigate those concerns, including facilitating and participating in community meetings as well as meetings with other city and county departments, to review and discuss ideas or concerns.

People under the influence of methamphetamine, fentanyl, and other substances can move safely through intoxication, then have an opportunity to engage in conversation about wellness and recovery options available to them, and be connected to housing resources. There are some people who are transported to the Sobering Center once and are never seen again. There are some clients who, as a result of their addiction to substances, may cycle through the Sobering Center multiple times. With each visit, staff attempt to engage the client into services, but services are voluntary and no one is compelled to enter into treatment. King County is bringing many of the needed services in to the community .

  • Behavioral health treatment and medical clinic will be new services added to the new location of the Sobering Center.
  • A table providing a listing of the known sobering centers with detailed site specific information about capacity, client encounters, staffing, length of stay, and regulatory agency involvement to name a few.
  • King County is bringing many of the needed services in to the community .
  • To be clear, King County cannot force a client to take ESP or public transportation after their stay.
  • Neither Sample nor a national Taco Bell spokesperson responded to additional questions about the company’s contracts with Hope Center Ministries.

The Sobering Center is centrally located and in close proximity to medical and psychiatric services, as well as public transportation. It’s also outside of zones where there are high numbers of drug or alcohol-related crimes. Trained to give assistance in the streets and in other public places to persons who are intoxicated. All drivers are trained in first aid and are able to provide assistance in emergency situations. Given the science of addictions, it is not surprising to see that there is a certain percentage of repeat visitors to the sobering center.

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This individual is also credentialed by WA Department of Health as a Chemical Dependency Professional. They work with the ESP van to take people to other shelters or services if more space is needed. There are 25 new individuals living in tents on one of the freeway onramps as of last week.

Aitlyn, 32, applied for a spot at Hope Center Ministries near the end of 2021 because it seemed like her best option at the time. She had pleaded guilty in February to one count of criminal endangerment related to reckless driving and, after being released, violated her probation by reportedly failing to show up for check-ins and possessing drug paraphernalia. The ESP van can help move willing people to shelters and other alcohol poisoning and binge drinking locations. The Emergency Service Patrol is dispatched by 911 and maintains open and ongoing communication with Seattle Police and Fire. King County DCHS is currently in dialogue with SPD and SFD to discuss the relocation of the Sobering Center. Georgetown community members are concerned that the level of crime is going to increase; concerns about the center being located in a neighborhood with children and families.

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At the Sobering Center, they can access a wide range of services to address immediate health and safety issues, and get referrals to community treatment services, counseling, employment or housing. Sobering Center guests will also have the chance to shower and access laundry services. Behavioral health treatment and medical clinic will be new services added to the new location of the Sobering Center.


Kaitlyn was discharged from Hope Center Ministries in the spring of 2022 after being fired from her job at Sodexo and accused of violating the residence’s rules. She said she felt sabotaged and unsupported by the program, despite her efforts to graduate. One night, she said, Belling, the program director, drove her away from the residence, bought her a phone from Walmart, and dropped her off at God’s Love, a downtown Helena shelter.

The ESP van patrolling the streets will bring an added aspect of safety and service to the Georgetown area by being more available to pick up and transport anyone inebriated from the local streets. The Seattle Police and Fire Departments have a strong, long-time relationship with the Sobering Center and ESP and there is frequent communication between alcohol tremors the shakes the agencies around client needs and transportation. Substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder are the leading causes of preventable illness and early death. About 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment. The Sobering Center provides counseling to those who identify or meet the criteria for SUD.

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One activity required residents to apply scripture to their life experience and write a prayer. The state’s recovery industry has long operated without state regulation or independent accreditation. Though the majority of sobering facilities are voluntary, some are legally permitted to hold involuntarily for acute intoxication. Sobering centers have emerged largely as a grassroots movement across the United States and internationally. Most were designed specifically with regional needs in mind, and thus there are diverse models in operation.

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DCHS has promised to work with the community and Metro to explore transportation solutions. The existence of the ESP van patrols will help local police and fire to respond to people who are incapacitated due to substance use. That potentially leaves police and fire more available for more troubling criminal situations. The Sobering Center is a 25-bed facility to receive individuals identified as publicly intoxicated in Orleans Parish. Intoxicated individuals would stay at the facility while they sober up, under the care of trained staff. The Sobering Center will welcome and care for anyone so deemed publicly intoxicated.

Prior to the development of sobering facilities, many municipalities internationally operated “drunk tanks”, which were unmonitored rooms or jail cells to hold intoxicated persons. which mental disorder is most commonly comorbid with alcoholism Drunk tanks were found to be hazardous and inhumane, with clients at risk of suicide or other complications. The majority of all traditional drunk tanks are no longer in existence.

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On its national website, Hope Center Ministries says its purpose is to “lead addicts and their families to become fully devoted followers of Christ”. The ESP van picks up people who are incapacitated due to severe substance use and once they have sobered up enough to be engaged, staff attempts to bring them into services and discuss an individualized care plan developed as a product of case management. Case managers have been trained to look for signs and symptoms of major mental illness and to try to direct those individuals into mental health treatment. DCHS is committed to working with the community around the sobering center and related services.

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Neither Sample nor a national Taco Bell spokesperson responded to additional questions about the company’s contracts with Hope Center Ministries. Eventually, she said, residents gained more privileges around the home to help them prepare to transition back into the community. Drake said the income residents generated through their work placement helped pay for the cost of their stay in the home, and also served as a main source of revenue for the program. King County is not a subject matter expert in answering this question, however, per the Housing & Community Developer consultant on this project from Catholic Housing Services of Western Washington it is unknown if the seller is using a 1031 Exchange.

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Jessie, a former resident who also asked for a pseudonym to protect her privacy, said residence staff did not return her food assistance card when she completed the program. And so they’re willing to go into these programs, even if it means that they’re going to be exploited,” Hancock said. When she showed up on the program’s doorstep, Kaitlyn thought the home was beautiful, with scenic views of the surrounding mountains. Soon she was following the same strict rules and routines as other residents, doing house chores, studying the Bible and completing related homework assignments.

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The sobering center has kept a bad night from becoming a worse night for thousands of Houstonians and visitors from out of town who never receive an arrest record and avoid a night in jail. Sobering centers have been implemented to reduce utilization of alternate services , provide a safe space for individuals to decrease alcohol related harms, and to offer a dedicated site specific to those acutely intoxicated on alcohol. Detox tends to involve a longer stay and uses medical staff and medications.